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Nameless accused of ‘stealing’ beat to his new hit ‘Am Good’ – VIDEO

Just days after releasing his latest hit Am Good, Kenyan musician Nameless is now facing accusations of ‘stealing’ the song’s beat.

A Tanzanian fan commented on his Instagram account accusing Nameless of using a Bongo artiste’s beat.

“Beat sio yako ioo show some appreciation kwa mwenye wimboo,” Peterabdalah wrote on the singer’s Instagram account.

The fan went on to mention the title of the song that Nameless stole the beat from

“The original song is called Njoo by artist Faccie from Tanzania,” he wrote.

But Nameless promptly sought to clear the air on the said beat.

He wrote, “@peterabdalah sema kaka. The beat was bought from a instrumental website called Beatsbysv… Since I didn’t get an exclusive license, the beat has been definitely been use by many people… Mimi siwezi iba beat buda. Blessup… #Amgood ????.”

Abdallah responded to the singer, “@namelesskenya appreciate that broo????blessed Sanaa.”

Beatsbysv features many instrumentals produced by a Dutch producer who sells them on a website.

Singers can purchase the beats exclusively which would cost more than just purchasing a beat that is available for everyone to purchase.