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Nairobians reveal their relationship deal breakers

Relationships are heavenly with the right person but can otherwise be complex and end in disarray.

Kilimani Mums and Dads have taken their time to lay out their deal breakers in relationships.

Cheating and violence were the biggest deal breakers but surprisingly bad sex has also been listed as a big turn off that can lead to break ups.

A recent study done in the UK placed poor hygiene as the biggest deal breaker in relationships.

YouGov put up a list of 30 attributes that included sex but 71 per cent of those surveyed said that someone who cares less about being clean than them would make them most uncomfortable.

Here are some of the responses given on Kilimani Mums and Dads when members were asked to list their deal breakers.

One commented, “Cheating and being controlled… kwanza hii swali (where are you) he calls and that’s the first swali before hata salamu. Kwisha.”


Another added, “Violence, stingy, dirty – hizo hazina explanations ama excuse ama forgiveness!”

A member wrote, “Mind games… I feel so disgusted when someone lies. And you can plainly see the truth and they still it’s not a glass but a cup ?.”

Another stated, “Violence is a deal breaker for me, mostly because it takes me to a dark place where I harbor murderous thoughts.”

A user commented, “A man who can’t make me orgasm is a deal breaker. Hapo nitalipiza kisasi.”

Another wrote, “Lack of communication… to the curb very fast… cheating is definitely a no brainer.”

A member added, “Cheating, being controlled or abused verbally, I just happen to love myself so much.”

Another stated, “Cheating yet one is weak in bed! Never.”