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Nairobians share hilarious encounters with city muggers

A Narobian’s experience with muggers has opened a discussion on the tactics used by gangs within the city’s Central Business District.

One Odd narrated how he had to flee for his dear life after a gang of muggers followed him from an eatery all the way to a secluded location with an intention of snatching his laptop bag.

He described his escape so hilariously that users claimed they had spotted him running and thought it was the usual chase involving council askaris and hawkers.

“Mjamaa imenikujia ati ‘Brathe, bag pekee na tuende’ kuona nyuma kirende kinacatch up. Ile mbio nimepull hapo my fren! Ka umeona jamaa wa suti akifyatuka hapo Moi Avenue usijali, laptop ni ya job maze,” he wrote.

Users who commented mapped out what they termed as new operation route for the muggers.

“I know the place. That is their area of operation. Bomb blast, Aga khan walk, the space in-btwn hilton and International hse all the way to Nation Centre and back. You are likely to get mugged in those areas without anyone noticing,” one explained.

A woman shared a photo of her cut bag writing, “Walking in Cbd is an extreme sport the other day someone cut my handbag. How I didn’t feel them  cut it is still a puzzle, upon reaching an M-Pesa it’s when I realized. This was in Ronald Ngala Street. The idiot had probably followed me from Afya Center.”


Another resident added, “Had a similar encounter last month hapo Odeon. Wueeh. I let my self loose and jumped over the hawker to that hotel there.  Those streets are wild. Atleast you are well with no loss. Izza jo.”

Another narrated, “During rain season I used to put gumboots in my laptop bag to play trick on them. One day they pounced at Kenyatta Av. ???let me just say they went with my gumboots in the laptop bag.”

“Me walinikujia nikaingia Tuskys hapo Bomb Blast wakaenda kuningoja exit nikatokea entrance like a boss.”

“Nimewahi fuatwa kutoka Railways hadi Jevanjee ilibidi niketi nifanyiwe shoeshine na nlikua nimevaa rubber.”

“These ones followed me from Nairobi Cinema all the way to Kenyatta Avenue last Friday man. They tried to ngeta me twice they failed.”

“Ukiskia tu mtu amekuanzia niaje brathe ata usimuangalie… Toka teke?.”

“Eh thanks kutuambia those hotspots areas za mugging sisi watu wa Thika hukuja huko diaspora na tunabeba backpack kama chestpack.”