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REVEALED: Nairobians who mostly buy sex toys – VIDEO

She has delved into an industry that will receive scoffs from the African society which still holds its cultures and taboos close to its heart.

However, this has not stopped Beverly Munga from growing her sex toy business from selling less than 5 pieces to more than a hundred in a month.

In fact she says her biggest clientele is in Nairobi. She talks to Nairobi News on how for four and a half years she was able to capitalize on the risqué business.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Beverly Munga, I am the owner of G-spot Kenya. Other people know me as the Vibrating lawyer. I am a lawyer by profession, the name vibrating lawyers is because I sell sex toys, so people kind of merged my two professions to come up with the name, the Vibrating Lawyer.

You have a very interesting name for your business, but does the ‘G’ thing exist?

Yes, every woman has it. Just because some women or men have not been able to find it that does not mean it does not exist. It is there.

Do you use your own ‘medicine’?

Everyone keeps asking me this, I think there is no way you could be selling such items and not sample them. I mean how are you supposed to recommend to a client. So yes definitely I use my own medicine.

Have you ever delivered a package somewhere and then you get called back and people start praying for you?

Thank God that has not happened yet. Although other weird things have happened like someone asking me to demonstrate for them how the piece they have ordered works. One client once asked me to try it in front of him and if I have an orgasm then he will buy it for his wife.

Who are your biggest client?

Since I started the business more than four years ago, all I can say is I can’t complain. And my biggest market is Nairobi although I still get the occasional clients from Kapsabet, Loitoktok, Mombasa, Marsabit. But Nairobians do love their toys and also love having a good time.

Where do you get the sex toys from?

I import them from overseas, and I know why you are asking me this question. First of all, you have to know sex toys are not illegal. Because we do not have any law stating anything to do with that. To me they are just personal effects. Some of these product are used by masseuse. They usually use vibrators when you have back pains. In fact they were initially made for back pain and to release stress. But then again people started using them for other purposes.

How often do you import them?

The toys are in high demand, and this means every month I import a shipment of more than a hundred pieces. They sell very first.

Do you get stigmatized by the society or your own family?

Every single day, I am glad I have thick skin, because it happens every day. Some tell me I am making people to become porn stars, other say I am encouraging lesbianism, some say its ungodly, it’s satanic. But I don’t care, because the people who talk do not even know me, since the ones who know me are very supportive. But the funny thing after they finish insulting me, they are the same people who inbox me asking of where they can get a certain toy, or how it is used.

Between men and women, who buys the most?

It’s actually men, who buy more than women. It is always perceived that sex toys are only for women but there is a category for men. But in the case of my male clients, most of them buy for their women, girlfriends, wives. And then I have those male clients who buy the toys for themselves.

Lastly, are you married?

No, I am not married.

When you do get married would you use the sex toys with your husband?

Definitely yes, I mean spice things up. Whips, cuffs blindfolds. And I am not saying you become a dominatrices but I would really like to dominate things in the bedroom. Because, let’s face it, marriages tends to get boring after a few years so how do you keep the spark? By engaging in new exciting things that you can do as a couple.