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Nairobi to have 200,000 new affordable houses in 10 months – Sonko

Phase One of the construction of 200,000 affordable houses in Nairobi is expected to kick off in Pangani Estate where 1,500 units will be constructed in the next 10 months.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has struck a deal with tenants of Nairobi County houses in Pangani where the units will be constructed.

Forty eight Tenants have already been issued with rent cheques and lease agreements to relocate to locations of their choice for a period ase construction of the new houses continues.

Each tenant received a cheque of Sh600,000 to pay  rent in their temporary residence.

The current tenants will all be allocated a house after completion of construction.

Each house will cost Sh3 million to be repaid over a 30-year period with a negotiated monthly rent of Sh8,000.

“We are now set for the ground-breaking ceremony of the affordable houses project. My administration will not postpone this exercise anymore since we have ironed out all the contentious issues that were facing both parties in the agreement,” said Sonko while addressing the tenants from Pangani estate at City Hall.

Sonko further stated that he is saddened to see people like veteran freedom fighter Gitu wa Kahengeri struggling to pay rent for County houses.

“I want the old man to own his own house. This is the promise I’m giving him, since he’s like my grandfather, under my leadership you won’t be frustrated. I know you all voted for me with high hopes of changes in your life. I will ensure that this project is completed on time so that you are all allocated a house as written in the tenant purchase agreement,” added Sonko.

The national government targets to build 500,000 new houses across Kenya by 2022.