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KIDERO: Nairobi tap water is safe and I drink it

Nairobi County governor Evans Kidero has said that tap water in the county is safe for consumption.

Kidero made the remarks on Saturday saying that he drinks he drinks tap water, which many consider to be unsafe.

“Nairobi tap water is safe as it is treated by the Nairobi Water & Sewerage Company and Nairobians drink it in their homes, including myself,” he said.

His comments came after claims by renowned conservationist Dr Richard Leakey that he was kicked out of an Italian restaurant in the city for demanding to be served with tap water.

According to Dr Leakey, the incident took place at La Cascina Restaurant in Karen on Tuesday as he and his wife Dr Meave were having lunch.


The governor added that the two should have been provided with tap water as they had requested because they were customers and they had the right to ask for what they wanted.

“In the spirit of good customer service Dr Leakey should have been served the water as he requested,” Kidero added.

The elderly couple requested for the tap water because they did not want to spend money on expensive water bottles at the restaurant.

The conservationist has since written a protest letter to the Ministry of Tourism asking that restaurant’s license be withdrawn for the proprietor’s “Trumpish attitude” as well as violating Kenyans’ constitutional right.

An account belonging to one Zappa Gianpaolo whose only tweets are about the incident suggested that Dr Leakey was offered a free bottle of water as the owner was concerned about “an elderly client’s health.”