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Nairobi sex workers swoop on new railway millionaires

Nairobi prostitutes have flocked trading centres in Kwale and Taita Taveta counties to cash in on the “railway boom” as the payout of millions of shillings in compensation for landowners begins.

Trading centres such as Mariakani, Samburu, Taru, Mackinnon Road and Maungu in Kwale have been invaded by girls, some as young as 14 years, all targeting the pockets of the new millionaires.

Bars and recreational joints are packed from 7pm, with some pubs staying open until dawn.


And the Chinese building the standard gauge railway have made their presence felt and changed lifestyles in the area.

At Taru trading centre, three two-storey flats have been hired exclusively for Chinese working on the railway project.

“They hired my premises for one year and paid me Sh2 million for that period,” said landlord Stephen Mwachai.

Residents said prostitutes were charging up to Sh5,000 for a night of pleasure, up from Sh1,000.


In Voi Town, guest houses are fully booked by women seeking part of the railway millions.

Kinango MP Gonzi Rai said his constituents face “real danger” since the compensation of landowners in millions of shillings.

Mr Rai has organised a series of barazas to create awareness on why those compensated should spend the cash prudently.

“Our people are not used to handling millions of shillings and they run the risk of misusing the money. We shall help them on avenues of investment so that they can change their living standards.”


Three villagers in Kwale’s Taru and Mgalani areas have each received Sh19.1 million in the first phase of the compensation. Many more are expecting such or similar amounts in their bank accounts.

But one villager has stood out as the voice of reason, advising his fellow villagers to think about the future.

“I will build rental houses for my children so that even when I am no longer able to work, they can earn something,” said Mr Chale Machache.