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Nairobi men: the good, the bad and the ugly

Because of the cocktail of characters that you are bound to meet in this town, Nairobi has to be the most interesting town in Kenya. The dating scene especially is littered with interesting personalities. Here are some of the peculiarities of Nairobi men:

1. He works hard, plays hard – Nairobi is a very competitive city and the Nairobi man works hard. At the end of the day, he also likes to play hard. If you are going to settle down with one, coming home after midnight especially on the weekends is something that you should get used to.

2. They buy alcohol, not flowers – If you are in a relationship with a Nairobi man, should he upset you, then do not be surprised if he shows up to apologize with a bottle of your favorite brew. Nairobi men just do not buy flowers. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can begin accepting the thoughts behind his actions.

3. The metrosexual man – The average Nairobi man is now more metrosexual than he was say a decade ago. Do not be surprised to meet a man who spends more on hair and skin care products than you do. He will also wear clothes that are way more expensive than yours.

4. They couple at a fast speed – Perhaps because of the fast moving city life, Nairobi men couple easily. His dating tradition moves fast from a date, a drink, to sexual relations. The Nairobi man is not one to court you and talk about where your relationship is headed for hours and hours. He is either ignoring you or chasing you at a breakneck speed.

5. He is straight forward – The Nairobi man is bold, confident and straightforward. He is not afraid to walk up to any woman he fancies and to say exactly what he is thinking. He doesn’t waste his time, neither does he sit around waiting for a woman to give him body language that suggests that she wants him to chase her. He will keep at it until she tells him off. The downside of this is that he may come off as a little intrusive.

6. Sports fans – The greater majority of men in Nairobi are keen fans of various sports starting with football to rugby and car racing. One of the easiest ways of nabbing a date in Nairobi is waking into a sports bar and showing some enthusiasm.

7. He expects homemade meals – Perhaps because he comes from a patriarchal society, the Nairobi man will expect the woman in his life to cook for him. This will not matter whether the woman in question is just a casual girlfriend or a wife. He will expect hot meals.

8. Reciprocity belief – This is perhaps the most unsavory trait of the Nairobi man. In this city, everything is earned. This attitude spills over into the dating scene. When a Nairobi man spends his time and his money on you, be sure that he expects something in return.