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Nairobi man punches traffic officer, runs away

There was drama on Sunday after an unidentified man walked to a traffic officer who was controlling traffic at the Kariokor roundabout and punched him in the face.

The officer who was caught unaware was knocked to the ground sustaining a deep cut above the left eye.

The cop was later taken to a nearby hospital by a Good Samaritan, treated, and released in fair condition.

The assailant after knocking the officer down fled on foot.

His identity and the motive for the attack were not immediately established.

Nairobi head of traffic Joshua Omukata said the attack led to a snarl-up on the busy road following the 7pm incident.

“We are looking for the assailant. We do not know the motive and hope to find justice,” Omukata said.

Last year, a scuffle between a traffic police officer and a minibus PSV driver left Kenyans shocked after the latter was left with his derriere exposed while trying to flee from the arresting officer.

The undated video showed the incident that took place along Accra Road.

The driver tried to escape through the passenger’s door but the traffic police officer held him by his trouser, briefly stopping his escape.

The struggle between the two resulted in the driver’s pants being pulled down from his waist exposing his backside.

He then resorted to hitting the officer’s hand repeatedly, forcing him to release him.

This is not the first time matatu crews and traffic police officers have engaged in a fight.