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Nairobi lady locked in Pepino Pizza restaurant, turns to Twitter for help

Kenyans have been left asking questions on how a woman was locked inside a Pizza joint on Thursday night as the workers left for the day.

The woman by the name of Sandra Wahiga sent an SOS on social media at 10:09pm appealing for help.

According to Wahiga, she went to the ladies’ room after catching dinner with a friend at the Pepinos Pizza along Kimathi street and when she came out, the restaurant was closed.

“I am locked in at an eatery along Moi Avenue….. I was in the ladies when they locked up. (Which was an hour ago). Please retweet to help me get to the manager or owners.”

It is not clear how long she had been in the ladies’ room, but she did confirm in a short video clip that she also shared on Twitter that the establishment told her that the two people charged with locking up the restaurant had long left.

“Soldiers (security guards) are outside. I am conversing with them and they tell me this place has two people who lock it and one of them has left. I can’t sleep here; I have to go to work tomorrow and anyone who could help in this situation please help. I am stuck!”

She also expressed concern over the fast-approaching 10pm curfew.

“The curfew is like 15 minutes away and I need to get out of here and get home.”

Kenyans on Twitter rallied behind her, widely sharing her SOS.

With the message-driven by social media finally reaching the National Police Service.

A few hours later, she tweeted that help had arrived and that she was on her way home to get some needed sleep.

“Help came through. I was rescued. Thank you to each of you who took the time to retweet or reply to me. It meant so much. Special mention goes to the police who came to my rescue, with special mention to Inspector Oyoo, he specifically ensured that I was dropped home.”

A grateful Wahiga also commended Pepino’s restaurant management, notably Peter, the branch manager.

“He made all the effort to apologize for the incident and took responsibility.”

She also thanked Kenyans on Twitter who ensured that she got help.

“Sasa wadau, let me catch some rest. Nashukuru na moyo wangu wote that mlihakikisha nimesaidika na nimeweza kufika nyumbani. Mpokee shukran zangu,” she said on Twitter.