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Nairobi criminals changing tack

Nairobians beware; robbers have changed their way of operating to beat police.

They are no longer waylaying their victims in dark alleys under the cover of darkness.

They are instead accosting their victims in broad daylight, posing as police officers on patrol, said county deputy police commander Moses Ombati.

They lie in wait for their unsuspecting victims at ATMs outlets, outside bank entrances or mobile money transfer agents.

They then pounce and bundle their targets in their cars before driving off, in full glare of the public which mistakes the victim for a wanted criminal, Ombati said.

“These criminals then rob the victims during the drive,” he said, adding that police had received many such cases.

Nakumatt Moi Avenue, Afya Centre, Old Nation roundabout and Ngara are the hotspots for the criminals. The canning criminals also use a gang of innocent-looking women who approach their victims and rob them in broad daylight.

Neemo Mugane, a resident was robbed near Mr Price on Moi Avenue in a similar manner when the gang surrounded her before robbing her at gun point.

“I was forced to pretend they were my friends as we walked on the busy street.