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Nairobi County demolishes private clinics near Mama Lucy Hospital

The Nairobi County government on Wednesday demolished private clinics, pharmacies and laboratories located near Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Umoja Estate.

The demolitions were prompted by complaints from hospital superintendent Dr Musa Mohammed who wrote a letter to the county government earlier this month, urging them to withdraw licences of the private facilities around its premises.

Many believe that the private facilities are owned by doctors working at the hospital.

Dr Mohammed argued that the private facilities were tarnishing the name of the hospital and disrupting operations.

The county bulldozers brought down more than 30 private medical clinics opposite the hospital.

Mama Lucy Hospital treats more 1,000 patients daily, but the facility has been grappling with challenges, including shortages of drugs and staff.

Owners of the private clinics blamed the county government for not notifying them of the demolitions and claimed to have lost millions.