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Nairobi clubbing is better than Dubai’s

Celebrated DJ and Bollywood star Aashikaa was in town last weekend.

The Dubai born DJ put up a high energy performance at the Tree House club at Museum Hill last Saturday, treating the hundreds of revelers to some of the latest Bollywood remixes.

NairobiNews caught up with her after the show.

This is your first visit to Nairobi. What is your impression of the city?

It’s been very exciting to visit Nairobi. It has been a great experience and I have gotten lots of love and respect. I noticed people here are busy and stressed with the hustle and bustle of city life. Music is the break they need.

One of DJ Aashikaa fans at club Venom.
One of DJ Aashikaa fans at club Venom.

Do you see a difference in the club culture here in Nairobi as opposed to Mumbai or Dubai?

I feel the idea of clubbing has changed world over. Music has become one religion for all music lovers and I noticed even Nairobi has people who enjoy all kind of genres.

As opposed to Dubai and Mumbai, I felt the club culture in Nairobi has a lot more friendly and welcoming people who enjoy all kinds of music, I loved the fact that even locals were requesting me to play Bollywood tunes.

Deejaying for long has been a male dominated profession, did you face any difficulties taking it up as a career?

No, I guess the world has accepted the fact that women are no less than men even in music. In fact I was taught by a male DJ and music composer Ramji Gulati who has been a great source of support.

You have been a model and aspired to act in Bollywood. What advice would you give to girls in Nairobi who want to make that move to India. Is it worth pursuing?

India has been one of the fastest growing countries in the world in terms of entertainment. I say, why not? The newcomers should give it a try. Come to India to be a part of showbiz.

For the first time we are going to see a fashion show happening at an event like this. What was the idea behind this unique mix?

Fashion and music are both part of creativity—fashion reflects your personality and music reflects your emotions—so the idea was to make people aware people of new trends.

You are active on social media, what is your opinion on how social media has helped or hurt artistes?

The Internet is a vast market and social media has become an important part of everyone’s life.

The internet has helped me and my music grow and it has helped my music become better known in different parts of the world. It’s a boon to our industry because it also helps people like me connect with our fans.

In one sentence, describe DJ Aashikaa to us?

Passionate, hardworking, and confident and addicted to a drug called music.

I’m sure our readers will want to know, are you single?

Yes, I’m single.

Would you come back to Nairobi?

Yes, Absolutely!