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Nairobi beware! Gang on the loose in CBD

Nairobians beware; the city centre is fast becoming the most dangerous place with a criminal gang on the loose, executing armed robberies in broad daylight.

In just one week, the gangsters have committed three robberies, in one of which a Rwandese lost Sh1.4 million in US dollars.

The worst-hit areas are Kirinyaga road, Bus Station, Ambassadeur, Kencom, Nyamakima, Hilton area and Kimathi streets, said the County Deputy Police chief Moses Ombati.

“Muggers feel free in the streets that are highly populated and which are visited by different people daily,” Ombati said.

Police believe that two suspects who were shot dead on Wednesday morning could have been part of the gang behind the new wave of robberies.

The gangsters were planning to attack a woman who had just withdrawn Sh300,000 from the Barclays Bank Branch on Moi Avenue when they were accosted by police outside the bank.

A shootout ensued from which the officers killed two suspects as two others fled.

Central Police Station police chief Patrick Oduma said: “We had information that the gang was planning to attack a client who had just withdrawn money from the bank. Plain clothes police officers followed them, catching up just when they surrounded the woman. They asked them to surrender, one drew a gun, but the officers were too fast for him.”

Police found four pairs of handcuffs, a police walkie-talkie, several mobile phones, a fake Securex staff ID  and two police appointment certificates from the slain men’s pockets.

Oduma said the slain suspects, identified as Maurice Ayuke and Stephen Wambua Philip, fit the descriptions given by several people who had fallen victim to robberies in recent weeks.

Their images have also been captured on several footages captured on closed circuit television cameras following robberies in jewelry shops, he added.

One of the suspects, Oduma said, had a robbery-with-violence case pending before the Kibera court and was also suspected to have been behind the killing of a bishop in Ongata Rongai.

The gang, according to County Police chief Benson Kibui is working with employees of banks and private security companies who leak information to them about customers carrying large amounts of money.

“This gang waits for people just outside banks and sometimes they pretend to be customers. But  we also get tips on their operations and we will wipe them out of town,” Kibui warned.