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My Honda CRV stick won’t go into Drive

I drive a 2004 Honda CR-V RD5. The vehicle’s gear shifter cannot go into drive and there’s a green light blinking on the Drive D. The engine runs fine and there’s no engine check at all. What can I do to get the vehicle into drive?



Dear Okwiri,

The green blinking light on Drive is already an indication that you have a problem with the automatic transmission that needs checking and probably scanning for error codes. Start by checking the ATF level to make sure you don’t have any leakages.

Go ahead and check if the brake lights light up when you step on the brake pedal to ascertain that the shift lock solenoid is releasing the shifter lock mechanism so that you can shift to reverse, neutral and drive.

You can even hear the lock-up solenoid click when you step on the brake pedal. Check if your reverse lights are lighting when you engage reverse and the neutral light is also lighting up on the dash when you engage neutral.

You should be able to start the engine on both neutral and park but if you can’t start the engine on either, you have to go to a gear box specialist.


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