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Mututho ‘too much’ say Nairobians

Nairobians have joined other Kenyans in attacking new National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse head John Mututho. He has received a lot of flak with many saying he has gone overboard with new and stricter regulations on holding private parties and alcohol consumption.

Mututho has put alcohol sellers and drinkers on notice of new strict rules but some feel that he crossed the line in levying a fee for private parties.

“Whenever you want to host a party, you notify the police or the chief to obtain a permit at Sh500 to Sh1,000. And this is for your own safety,” he said. The permit expires at 11pm.

“Mututho umetufukuza kwa bar, then unataka tena kutunyima raha nyumbani umezidi…(Mututho has chased us from the bar now he wants to curtail our freedom in our own homes… this is too much),” tweeted Alfred Saoli

“At which point will we all agree that #muthutho is an extremist. If he could he would literally hypnotize the whole country to stop drinking,” tweeted Eunita Agengo.

Others took a more humorous swipe at the former legislator.

“Kama unaitwa Munyua, Mukundi, Kinyua, Wanjohi, Gichohi, Kapombe, Tembo etc… you will have to pay Sh1,000…,(If you are called ….etc… you will have to pay Sh1,000),” tweeted Harrison Kaahura, the names denote drinking or alcohol.