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Mutahi Kagwe orders closure of all golf clubs in the country

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has ordered for the closure of all golf clubs and restrictions in the number of people allowed in open air sporting clubs in the country, which he says have been cited as possible venues where Covid-19 could be spread.

Kagwe on Tuesday afternoon announced that in addition to the raft of measures given by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday, further measures are going to be input in place to stop the spread of the disease.

Although it is also necessary for people to stay healthy, he says, social distancing however has to be observed.

In some walking clubs members are seen running side by side and this is a way of the virus to be passed from one person to the other.

“Further measures that we are going to institute to stop further spread of the virus must include the following; in open air sporting clubs that have walking fields and so on must strictly observe social distancing,” said Mr Kagwe.

He added: “We have seen people walking and yes it is necessary that people also stay healthy but we must observe social distancing. We have observed in some walking clubs where people are running next to each other, and there is no better way of passing this virus than when they do so.”

“I would like to ask the managers of those clubs must restrict numbers in the club so that people can be able to keep social distancing.”

The CS also said that golf clubs have also been abused by members.

“Even in golf clubs have also been abused, consequently all golf clubs must be closed with immediate effect. Golfers are free to walk keeping social distancing but there will be no caddies in any of those golf clubs. In this particular case it is actually the reverse it is the members who will eventually pass the virus to the caddies, therefore golf clubs will remain closed and the club houses will remain closed,” he said.