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Music helped us to start another biz

Determination and a strong willpower are the reasons why Robert Makenzi, William Malombe and Brian Kariuki  love their business.

The former Daystar University students own AP Creative  Designs,  a business that makes shoes, laptop bags, necklaces, bracelets, rosaries, earrings and  Gothic jewellery.

The three admitted that their journey to success was not easy. Proir to the new business, they were involved in music production, which they still do. 

The idea which was born in 2011 while in their third year at Daystar has grown into a successful business earning them lots of money.

“We thought we could start another venture in addition to producing music to end dependence on our parents and handouts,” said Mr Malombe. 

With little art knowledge, they began making necklaces from beads.

“One day I was watching a music video when I saw someone wearing a shamballa necklace and thought I could sell the idea to my friends. They accepted it and we bought one. We then bought some beads for Sh1,500 and thread for Sh250 and made about five necklaces. Within two days, we had sold them all at Sh800 each,” he said. 

Now motivated, they bought more beads and began making 20 necklaces every week. Their dream was bigger as they wanted to see their new business grow fast.

“We started visiting places where shoes, bags and other fashion products were being made and later bought a sewing machine,” added Mr Makenzi.

They continued with the business even after graduating in June 2013 and each seeking a job in their area of specialisation. 

Mr Malombe studied purchasing and logistics, Mr Makenzi is a communications graduate while Mr Kariuki majored in business administration. 

The trio make customised shoes for both men and women, handbags, clutch bags and jewellery. Prices vary depending on the materials used.


Women’s shoes cost between Sh1,200 and Sh1,500 while men’s shoes go for between Sh1,800 and Sh,2,000. Laptop bags cost Sh1,500 while jewellery costs from Sh200 to Sh800. 

They use kitenge, leather and beads, mainly from Maasai Market. They market their products via their Facebook page, Ap creative designs.