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Museveni woos Ugandan voters with 18 million free hoes

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has directed his Government to purchase 18 million hoes that will be distributed to the  residents for free.

In a decision that has sent a majority of Ugandans on social media into overdrive, Museveni wrote to Uganda’s Prime Minister Ruhakama Rugunda on Friday and gave the directive.

In essence, this means that almost half of the estimated 40 million Ugandans, and about all of the registered voters in the country, will each be provided with a hoe by the Government.

The two paragraph letter reads in part: ” We had discussed this issue in the Cabinet with a view to providing some hoes during the current financial year. What happened?”

This message is also copied to the country’s Vice President’s Office and the Ministry of Planning.


The move, that is widely perceived to be a campaign strategy ahead of the country’s election early next year, has however been met with alot of cynicism by Ugandans on social media.

Semakula Musoke wrote on Facebook:

“Now, Mr President, is providing 3 hoes to each household part of the agricultural mechanization project? Second, will Uganda be able to reach your desired middle-income country (sic) based on hoes?”

Francis Okori added: “After 30 years in the stage, the government of President Museveni is providing hoes (rudimentary tool) for farming. Not cool at all. His campaign style this time is not really eye catching… to provide free menstrual pads, exercise books, etc. And now free hoes. Thank God for the high number of ignorant people in Uganda.”

Moses Chika also opined: “1 hoe per vote, 3 for each house that’s 18 million votes game over.”