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Mum accused of selling her boys for Sh10 million

Police are investigating a Nairobi couple over the alleged sale of their two sons for Sh10 million.

This is after the two boys, aged six and five, were found at Country Bus Station by concerned members of the public, where they had been dumped by an unknown persons on Sunday.

A hand written letter they were found holding, purportedly from their mother Christine Mwongeli Kyongo indicated they were to be picked by their would-be buyer, one Shariff Shakiryan.


In the letter, the buyer was directed to Hamza, on Jogoo Road where the sale would be concluded.

The letter indicated that the two parties had met the previous Friday at a popular restaurant in Doonholm and concluded the deal, which would see the buyer secure custody of the children in exchange for Sh10 million.

“The letter also directed the children’s buyer to meet the writer as soon as possible as she wanted to process her passport and flee the country to Lagos, Nigeria, after finalising the sale deal,” explained Ms Susan Boke, the police officer handling the case at Kamukunji police station.

The writer advised the buyer to avoid phone conversations because they could be tracked by the police.

Attached to the letter was a photo to help the buyer to identify the children.

Using contacts on the letter, police arrested the boys’ mother for questioning.

In her statement, Mwongeli, 24, denied any involvement in the scheme to sell the children and instead implicated her estranged husband and father of the boys, Mr Jackson Mbithi.

She said she had left Mr Mbithi last year and was currently working as a house help in South C.

The children had since been in the custody of their father, she told police.

illegal deal

Ms Kyongo claimed that Mr Mbithi could have used another woman to draft the letter with a view to implicating her in the illegal deal.

“I left my matrimonial home with nothing but the clothes I wore and my handbag,” Ms Kyongo said, adding that she wanted to be given the children to live with them in her new home.

Police efforts to arrest Mr Mbithi have not borne fruit with investigating officers saying he could have gone underground.

The children have been taken to Kabete Children’s home on order from Milimani Children’s Court pending conclusion of the investigations.

The matter will be mentioned at the Children’s Court on April 25.