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Movie selling fast gaining ground among the youth

The number of young people graduating from Nairobi County colleges has been rising by the day even as unemployment rises.

As if to support the recent Consumer Insight survey showing 40 per cent of students prefer self-employment, youths have found it wise to look for alternative sources of income other than formal employment.

Instead of idling or engaging in criminal activities, many are now cashing in on Nairobians thirst for entertainment. And it is paying off.

Movie vending has become a lucrative business as Nairobians shun cinema halls by the droves.

Why part with Sh1,000 to watch a movie when they can buy one for Sh50 on the streets to watch from the comfort of their homes?

“I enjoy catching a movie at the theatres but that happens once in two months. It is quite expensive. However, on other days, I buy a movie from the streets to watch from my home,” said Mercy Wanjala, an office assistant in the city.

Almost every building in downtown Nairobi plays host to a couple of movie shops, easing Nairobians access to movies.

Going by the shops, it is clear that the business has become a money minting venture for young Nairobians seeking low-capital endeavours.

It takes a small amount of capital to buy a computer and install software that can burn movies on DVD.

Download movies

This is supplemented by internet connection and space to carry out the business. However, some investors have gone a step further by renting out shops in prime areas and investing in technologies involved in this business.

“We have a Mac Book which we use to download the movies through Torrents application. It also acts as our database since it has a huge storage capacity,” said Wilson Kimeu of Daybreakers Movie shop on Kimathi Street.

He said the shop has also invested in three duplicators whose price averages between Sh30,000 and Sh40,000. Business is very good on Fridays and Saturdays where a strategically placed movie shop can sell hundreds of DVDs.

“When I leave office in the evening, I am usually tired and if I’m in a mood for movies, I buy them at a convenient place which is usually at a shop on my way to or next to my bus stop,” added Ms Wanjala.