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Move over Nairobi Business Community, here comes The Hood Group

Just when Nairobi residents thought they had had enough of the Nairobi Business Community, a new group has emerged claiming to represent the interests of the business community.

The Hood Group is the new sheriff in town. It has called for peace in the city and for Nairobians to move on after the elections.

The group claims to be composed of business owners and professionals.

Chairman Nderitu Mwangi, at a media briefing, urged politicians to allow the country to return to normalcy for the sake of the economy.

“Ladies and gentlemen Kenyans are very tired and want to move on with their normal lives as before. Business have suffered huge loses some are on the brink of collapsing. It is time to restore the country back to normalcy,”

“I take this opportunity to urge the political class whether in government or opposition to let Kenyans go about their normal lives and businesses. This country must now on move on.”

Kenyans on Twitter had varied reactions to this latest group.

One Mr Ogero wrote, “The Hood Group is a branch of Nairobi Githeri Business Community. Confused people who can’t question voter turnout.”

Gee Mwendwa commented, “Had we gone to Canaan, The Hood Group members would have been called Waya-Hoody *walks away whistling.”

Lagaless said, “A group of shameless Kenyans calling themselves, ‘The HOOD Group’ are the latest entrants into the PEACEPRENEUR for a.”

But Adhiambo Awiti had this question to ask, “From business community now we have the Hood group? Hii sasa ndio group gani?”

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