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KOT go ham on motorists who splash water on pedestrians

You probably have experienced a splash of dirty water on your clothes or have been the perpetrator unconsciously driving around only to realise when it was too late.

Kenyans on Twitter have gone ham on motorists who splash water on pedestrians during the rainy season.

The conversation started when former NTV business news anchor Wallace Kantai wrote, “You’re driving a car. You’re (relatively) dry. (Relatively) warm. You see a puddle in front of you, and your fellow Kenyans walking or standing next to it. Why do you choose to drive into that puddle at high speed, flooding them with cold, dirty water?”

The scenario was termed as common by many tweeps who questioned why some drivers do it intentionally.

Some narrated how it becomes more heartbreaking when the aggrieved is a school going child.