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Mother and daughter to be sentenced for Sh3m theft

A house help and her mother await sentencing after she pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal Sh3 million from her employer.

Ms Christine Sheila Otunga told a Makadara magistrate’s court that she took the money from Mr Nicholas Mutai Kirera’s travel bag on February 13.

He was scheduled to fly to Dubai for business three days later and had withdrawn the money from a bank in Muthaiga.

It was in a sealed envelope that was placed inside the bag. She was the only person in the house and therefore the only suspect.

Prosecutor Leonard Kurgat told magistrate Timothy Okello that investigations showed that the following day, Ms Otunga called her mother who lives in Busia asking her to send someone to come and pick some money.

Mrs Mary Khakasa Otunga, her co-accused sent her son Geoffrey Sifuna Otunga to pick the money, according to the prosecution.

On reaching Busia, Mr Kurgat said Mr Otunga tore the envelope and took half of the cash, resealed it and proceeded home to give his mother the balance.

The prosecutor said detectives recovered Sh1.6 million buried in Otungas’ shamba in Bumula district and arrested the mother.

Her son who disappeared and has been at large ever since. Ms Otunga pleaded for a lenient punishment saying she was single mother.

Mr Okello delayed sentencing the two until today to await their probation report. He set their cash bail at Sh500, 000.