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Here’s the most laughable essay you’ll ever read

An illogical essay by an identified ‘pupil’ entitled “The day I will Never Forget” has left the online community in stitches.

What makes the composition so ridiculous, if not laughable, is the sequence of the events during a hunting adventure with a friend he identifies as John.

The writer narrates how the hunting mission goes horribly tragic the hunting party, which is on the trail of a Springbok, encounters a man-eating Lion which mauls the writer to death. Still, in death, he writes that hyenas later on come to finish of his bones left behind by the lion.

What is absurd is that all along the writer is meant to be dead, yet he’s writing the events of his ‘death’ in the easy.



He even concludes that later on he ‘learns’ the his friend John managed to catch the Springbok after his death.

Understandably, the teacher marking the essay is outraged by this stranger than fiction narration written on a page of an exercise book.

And so too was the online community which had so much to say about this hilarious composition.

Here are some of their comments:

“This teacher should relax. Not. It’s very evident that this child has a very good imagination. He/She might even be a fictional writer one day,”

“That’s creative,”

“Why is the teacher questioning as if (s)he was there too,”

“Hahahaaaa woow,, this child is crazy,”

“This pupil is soo good n creative… Mwalimu wake sasa ndio anatuaibisha sana, sijui ka alienda class ya English ama ni imposter,”

“Oh God never laughed so hard… but mbona teacher amecatch hivo?”

“The boy already knows how to lie.”

“I really like this child, wherever he/she is.”