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Mosque shoe thief forced to eat raw pepper as punishment – VIDEO

A thief caught stealing shoes outside a mosque in Mombasa learnt the hard way after being forced to eat raw red pepper as punishment.

The man confessed to stealing shoes from Sakina Mosque in Majengo. He then selling them at a throw away price of Sh500 to a man called Felix, who later resells them at the Ferry and Changamwe area.

A member of public recorded a minute-long video of the thief eating up the pepper as he confessed his offense.

The man wearing a yellowish vest was visibly in anguish as he chewed the pepper, with some still on his hand.

Muslims leave their shoes outside mosques as they go in for prayers.

“Siibi tena mskiti wa Sakina,” says the thief.

“wa Sakina peke yake?” asked one man.

“Mskiti wowote ule,” replied the thief.

“Haya maliza pilipili.”.

This is what KOT had to say.

“This should be a real court sentence,” said kenyankopite.

“wait until he goes to the washroom,” wrote Minor Njengour.

“Shoe thief caught at masjid Sakina! Ameshika adabu,” commented Abdiwahidi.

“That’s a Good Punishment He stole just a pair of shoes no need of beating him and causing him Lifetime injuries,” said Benarfa.

“The thief is strong. How did he eat all those and still speaks heard words?” asked Ibra Kray.