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This is what Moses Kuria thinks about Sonko-Igathe divorce

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has excited social media with a post which appears to throw shade at the break up of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his Deputy Polycarp Igathe.

Mr Igathe shocked Kenyans on Friday evening when he issued his resignation letter citing failure to win the trust of his boss.

While many Kenyans on social media were surprised by the fallout between the two leaders, Mr Kuria has responded with a cheeky post which is causing a buzz on the internet.

In his post Mr Kuria wrote, “What God has put asunder, let no man put together.”

And here are some of the reactions that Kuria’s post attracted:

“A divorce of Nairobi between governor and his deputy is a story of its kind,” said Kamu Mwaniki.


“The only common thing between Sonko & Igathe was wearing suits… kufikiria kwao nikaa mzungu na kuongea Kikuyu… wide apart,” wrote Jimmie Jimsey.

“We all know he might be an appointee to the cabinet maybe as Nairobi metropolitan C’s and sonko will be answerable to him,” commented Stella Myna.

“It was bound to happen… these are two different people and it was sure they could not see eye to eye together (sic),” said Faith Wairimu.

“Wah Igathe seriously, you mean you can’t handle challenges? you’ve give up (sic) so early, I wish you know what kind of challenges i face each day & I’ve to face them head on kwani,” wrote Waigwe Kiberu.

“Mheshimiwa Kuria it goes the other way “what God unites no man should put asunder” God’s plan is that all be united,” wrote John Waweru.

“Moses Kuria set to get Nairobi deputy governor job… kudos mhesh,” commented Naff Bwoom.