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Agony as Ongata Rongai matatu crews block Langata road

Morining commuters using Langata road were stranded on Tuesday morning after Ongata Rongai matatu operators blocked the road to protest police harassment.

The operators said traffic police officers were targeting them for using the Southern by-pass.

The Ongata Rongai matatus often opt to use the Southern by-pass during rush hours to avoid heavy traffic on Langata road. The by-pass is not their designated route.

Only Ongata Rongai matatus were being arrested for using the by-pass, the operators claimed.

They blocked the road from 6.30 a.m. Private motorists were forced to use other roads to reach the city centre.

Stranded passengers pleaded with the traffic officers to let the matatus pass but to no avail.

“We cannot wake up at four to beat the traffic then remain stuck on the road with no actual offence, we are tired,” they said.