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Moral policeman Ezekiel Mutua notches early win over alcohol adverts

The Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) has obtained a temporary injuction restricting two giant alcohol companies from broadcasting their advertisements before submitting them for examination and classification.

In the injuction issued by Lady Justice Njuguna, Kenya Breweries Limited and Africa Spirits Limited were ordered to obtain filming license from the board the before broadcasting their advertisements.

The injuction applies on advertisements known as Guiness (Made of More), Tusker Premium Cider and Kenya Cane (Celebrate your moment) by Kenya Breweries Limited.

It also applies to the Legend Brandy advertisement by Africa Spirits Limited.

The board’s chief executive Mr Ezekiel Mutua had earlier accused the companies of promoting unclassified alcohol advertisements on local television stations during watershed period.

Last week, the Alcoholic Beverages Association of Kenya went to court where it accused the Board of overstepping its mandate to regulate advertisements.

According to the association, Mr Mutua has on several occasions stated on his social media accounts that he is out to enforce his moral convictions and has merely singled out the alcoholic beverages industry.