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Watch monkeys swimming in city residence water tanks – VIDEO

Nairobians have been left puzzled by a video that has emerged online showing two monkeys swimming in water tanks on the roof top of an apartment building.

The video shared by Kenyan Traffic on Twitter captures the two monkeys taking a dip in two water tanks to cool themselves off.

According to Kenyan Traffic, the video was taken in Ngei 1 estate in Langata.

“Monkeys swimming in tanks in Ngei 1 Lang’ata… always make sure your lid is tightly shut,” the video was captioned.

The video elicited varied reactions from Kenyans on Twitter. Here are some of their comments:

@magatipeter said, “With the heat around they need to cool off.”

@jaredoduyo wrote, “Nairobi mtatuonyesha mambo sana.”

@ndonji commented, “Ndio maana Muranga wanatunyima maji.”

@kimaniq said, “Hahaha . Watu wanakunyua maji iliyo na flavor ya nugu.”

@Ndubaikecin wrote, “That is not Ngei 1 Langata that’s India.”

@Achillied replied, “Lang’ata si kuna Wahindii.”

@Achieng tweeted, “Omgosh! This is our reality. I’ve seen them drink out of people’s tanks never knew they swim woi. Wildlife human conflict bana.”

@ZeddyShizzle said, “Unakuja Nyumbani first think unakunywa 1ltr from the tap. Hiiiiii Nairobi.”

@Hildakish wrote, “Cheeky monkeys they know how to dive.”