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Moment Uhuru caught his security detail flat-footed – VIDEO

There was a security scare on Thika Road on Friday after President Uhuru Kenyatta threw caution the wind and opened the sunroof of his car that was in high speed and emerged to wave at onlookers.

His security detail had to disembark from their vehicles –also in high speed- behind him to perch on either side of his vehicle as is the norm.

The president made the impromptu decision near Survey drift headed to town.

Without any warning, cameras captured the sunroof movement while the vehicle was in motion.

Moments later, the head of state emerged and started waving at the onlookers on either side of the superhighway.

The two guards scrambled to secure their subject –as is usually their oath of office- the danger of being crushed by the other vehicles on the convoy notwithstanding.

The president later headed to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre where he was received by his deputy William Ruto.

Jubilee Party has set up a media centre from where president Kenyatta, who is leading according to IEBC provisional figures, will give his victory or concession speech.