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Mister Woks still has work to do

MISTER WOK, Capital Centre, Mombasa Road

I have been to Mister Wok before. And I did not think it was particularly delightful. I proceeded to write about it.

I think they read my review. At least, that is my story, and I am sticking to it.

Mister Wok on a Sunday night is not ridiculously full like the rest of Capital Centre (i.e. the food court) – I am not sure whether that is a testament to its prices or its food. Either way, seating was found easily and drinks were ordered.

One convenient thing about Mister Wok is that after you order the food, if you are feeling like a little tipple, you can order one from Zebra (the bar directly across the restaurant) and the restaurant doesn’t mind.

Shanghai stir fry at Mister Wok.
Shanghai stir fry at Mister Wok.

Works for those who do not feel inspired to try their juices; which are usually quite nice.

I like the mixed berry juice or the pineapple mint (though I suspect that has sugar added to it, which I do not appreciate if they have written it under the fresh juices menu). The passion juice is also quite tasty.

The last time I ate at Mister Wok, I thought the portions small and so decided to over-order this time.

We were 5 people with 7 dishes before us. We started off with the vegetable spring rolls (a much better deal than the chicken spring rolls, which only have a sliver of chicken ensconced in the cabbage), and proceeded to the following: sweet and sour chicken, lemon chicken, chicken with mushrooms, egg-fried rice, vegetable rice, chicken fried rice, chicken noodles and Shanghai vegetable stir fry.

We finished it all. The lemon chicken and the sweet and sour chicken were especially delicious, and I am always a sucker for chicken chow mein done right.

The service was friendly and more or less quick, though after we finished out meal, it took them about 20 minutes to clear and wipe down the table.

I decided to have ice cream after, which came in a pretty banana split serve bowl in a healthy portion.

The ice cream was, however, disappointing, clearly store-bought and far too sweet.

I also had a sip of someone else’s Chinese tea, which is not to my taste but I am sure champions of herbal remedies and healthy living will enjoy.

A beer from Zebra is 220. The juices go from about 250. A dish on average is 700. Our total was about 7,500 KES.

In other news…

Who is looking forward to Nairobi Restaurant Week? Me! I hear Brew Bistro, aside from participating at Nairobi Restaurant Week, is also the only African restaurant participating in the World Gourmet Society Food Festival that kicks off around the world on January 29 until February 20 2014.

Though NRW offers menus from 1250-1750 at 50 restaurants all over Nairobi  (including Café Villa Rosa at Kempinski, Pablos at Best Western and Thai Chi at the Stanley), the WGSFF at Brew will be a tad pricier – 3900, to be exact, and 5900 with wine pairings.

Which do you fancy?