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EXCLUSIVE: Missing baby crawls from under bed after mum suspected kidnap by house help

A one year-old baby whose photo was circulated on social media as a victim of suspected kidnap has been found.

It turns out that the baby had crawled under a bed after being abandoned by a monster house help who stole household items and left without notice.

The baby’s mother had arrived at her house in Syo Kimau on Thursday evening from work and panicked after finding the house dark and her daughter not in sight.

She called out the name of her daughter but no one answered. The house help, 23 year-old Lucy Wairimu Njeri, who she had just hired from an agency a week ago, was also missing.

Lucy Wairimu Njeri, the missing house help. PHOTO | COURTESY
Lucy Wairimu Njeri, the missing house help. PHOTO | COURTESY



The woman immediately telephoned her husband to inform him of their missing daughter.

Speaking to Nairobi News on Friday morning, Mathew Munyi, the father, narrated how his panicking wife called him to inform him of her suspicion that their one-week old house help had kidnapped their daughter.


“She called me and told me that our daughter was missing. We posted her (house help) identification card and our daughter’s picture on social media so that people could help us find her,” said Munyi.

Hours later as the distraught couple was still coming to terms with their missing baby and preparing to go to the nearby police station to report the incident, they heard commotion from one of their bedrooms.

When they rushed to check, they found their daughter struggling to crawl from under the bed.

“When she was left alone, our daughter went and cried herself to sleep under the bed behind a basin which was there,” Mr Munyi narrated to Nairobi News.

According to Munyi, the house help stole valuables whose value they are yet to ascertain.

He said his wife had sourced her from a local agency.

The couple is happy that their daughter is safe and they are thanking all the good Samaritans who shared their post.