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MISS SPICY: Dear men, these foods could be ruining the ‘flavour’ of your semen

A recent conversation with a male colleague left me in stitches. We were discussing oral sex when he confessed that the previous week his partner had complained of an ‘off’ taste from his sperms after going down on him. I wasn’t sure what to say until he mentioned that he had increased his intake of garlic, courtesy of a health talk their firm had organised a month earlier. Hmmm… if eating fruits can cause the bodily secretions to taste sweeter, shouldn’t the reverse also be true?

If you are a fan of oral action, like most men are, it might or might not surprise you to know that what you eat affects how you taste. You see, for the most part, focus is usually on how to make her juices taste nice when you go down on her… today we shall focus on him! *wink wink* Science tells us that diet does affect the flavour of milk in mammals and also affects the flavour of beef. Likewise, what we eat and drink is excreted in our sweat… and bodily fluids (sexual secretions, included). The chemicals in the foods we eat are found in most of our body secretions, including breast milk.

Urban legends rate the pineapple as the ‘magical’ fruit that leaves you tasting all yummy. Incidentally, this works for both males and females. Semen is definitely not meant to taste like a chocolate smoothie but it need not taste like rotten eggs juice either.

Generally, semen will be warm and salty but of course there will be a difference in flavours as every man is unique and taste will vary from dude to dude. But no point in losing out on the fun because of a bad taste in your mouth. So, I took it upon myself to research on some the foods that alter the taste of your semen, negatively. Some of these researches are not backed by hard science but feel free to compare notes with your own experience. For the lovers of some oral action, let’s have a look at what some of these foods and drinks can do to your swimmers:

• Onions and garlic
Strong smelling foods like, onions, garlic and other foods from this family that contain sulfurous compounds, which makes them have their distinct flavour and smell are one of the culprits. Imagine kissing your partner after they’ve had some ‘nyam chom’ with nicely done ‘kachumbari’ … it might not be as appealing as if they’d had ice-cream or chocolate, perhaps. Now imagine what copious amounts of onions and garlic would do to your man’s juices.

• Asparagus
Though not your regular vegetable, asparagus, a distant cousin of the onion is classified as a vegetable. It is loaded with essential vitamins, anti-oxidants and is low in calories. Asapragus contains a sulphurous compound called mercaptan, which is also found in rotten eggs (yuck!), onions and garlic. Once this sulphurous compound in asparagus is broken down by the body, the by-product is usually an unpleasant pungent smell. Consumption of asparagus can also give your urine a distinctive smell. The same chemicals that are responsible for that pungent smell in pee can also affect your semen.

• Caffeine
Hmmm… coffee might not be too ideal when it comes to your juices down south. It has been known to leave a bitter taste that’s far from sweet. Semen is naturally salty, so why would you wanna add to it?

• Alcohol
Would you believe your favourite brand of beer could make your semen taste bitter? Well, women have reported to having experienced a sharp taste of their men’s juices after a drinking spree. A colleague confided in me that he can’t hit on a woman unless he’s high and I told him I hoped he wouldn’t be expecting oral action.

• Cigarettes
Smoking alters the taste of your semen. The nicotine in the cigarettes is suspected to be the culprit in this case. I guess it’s the same way kissing a smoker leaves you with that yucky after-taste, especially if you are a non-smoker. Also, high levels of preservatives in foods and certain drugs, especially those that leave a distinct smell in your urine can also alter the taste.

• ‘Smelly’ veggies
Missing out on your veggies might leave you constipated but too much of cabbage, broccoli, or cauliflower has the potential to change the taste of your semen.

Red meat and dairy products
I know our men love their meat, be it ‘nyam chom, ka-fry, tumbukiza or dry-fry… sadly some studies cite red meat and dairy products as one of the culprits that can make your semen bitter.

Bonus tip:

• Keep it squeaky clean
Cleanliness is, indeed, next to godliness. If you are expecting your girl to go down on you, at least ensure that little Johnnie is clean. If it’s not possible to take a shower, make sure you are not smelling down there as it is a big turn off. Ensure to wipe off any urine residue with tissue, preferably a piece that has been moistened with water on those days you expect action.

Use mild soap and warm water to clean the area around your penis and the testicles well. If not properly cleaned, the bad odour is not just a turn off but it makes everything else less appealing. Speaking of appeal, we will also look at the foods that make him taste yummy in our next post. Keep it here.