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Miraa juice to be launched Saturday evening

Miraa dealers will this evening launch miraa juice and Cappuccino in an event dubbed ‘Miraa Night’ at the Tamasha Restaurant along Langata Road.

The event will be preceded by period of miraa chewing according to Kimani Munjuri, the Sakijo Marketing and Strategic Planning Manager.

“We want to show the public that miraa can be chewed and used in mainstream any club. It is not necessary for one to litter around or have green colour all over the mouth as he enjoying miraa,” he said.

The traders will be demonstrating how to add value to miraa leaves and or twigs by squeezing juice from it and in popular beverages such as cappuccino.

“We want to change the mentality about the use of miraa and introduce several innovative ways in which the product can be an invaluable investment,” added Mr Munjuri.

Soon, the by-products will be sold in clubs, restaurants and hotels within the city.

The event will also be used to drum up support for a policy on miraa.

Several legislators and public figures are expected to attend.