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Miguna tore Dennis Itumbi apart in TV rant and it was classic – VIDEO

Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Miguna Miguna on Monday shredded State House Director of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi to pieces for over-stepping his mandate.

Miguna, who was a commentator in the running mates debate, had no kind words for Itumbi after the latter issued a press statement on behalf of State House.

He argued that Itumbi’s mandate is limited to tweeting and Facebooking and not issuing  press statements on behalf of the Government.

Miguna termed it an ‘egregious insult’ to the Kenyans for the president and his deputy to assign Itumbi to issues press statements yet he is not the government spokesperson.

“I think it is an insult to the Kenyan people, it is an egregious insult… It is completely unacceptable that, number one, you communicate to Kenyans through Itumbi.Who is Itumbi? Do these people understand statecraft?

“This is the director of messaging and internet; Twitter and Facebook. This is the man now talking to Kenyan about the president’s attendance at a presidential debate? Is this a joke or communication from State House?

“Itumbi is not the spokesperson for the president. He does not speak for statehouse. He does not speak for Jubilee Party. And therefore should never ever have his statements read on national television.”