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MIDEGA: You need to grow up if you are one of those who …

It is said you’re grown up when you stop asking your mother where you came from and refuse to tell her where you’re going.

But I say you need to grow up when as a man, you still proudly declare “I don’t believe in Valentine’s or generally love.”

The majority of men don’t, but what is life without compromise. 

Love is one of those necessary evils of life. You agree to dine with the devil for the greater good. But you should never let him cook. 

Yes, the relationship may be 90 per cent hers, but feel free to allocate yourself the remaining 10 per cent.

Pride and juvenile hard-headedness shouldn’t stand in the way of a fruitful engagement. 

If you actually believe the ratio of men to women is 1:6, then you really need to grow up.

And if you are one of the 67 percent of Kenyan women who think it is wrong for a man to ask for his ‘rock’ back after a break up, then you have some growing up to do as well. 

Bluntly said, there are privileges that come with being someone’s ‘entitled one’ and they cease immediately the engagement is terminated. This may seem personal, but I assure you it is not.

And if you can’t divert your attention from your phone for just 30 minutes, to have a decent conversation, then you have some ground to cover in terms of maturing. Jesus won’t announce his second coming through social media. 

There have been tougher days as far as communication is involved when one’s social life didn’t call for one to have the coolest phone, but only the latest copy of the Telkom telephone directory. 

Meeting a friend, especially a woman in town, would — like an architect’s blueprint — take proper and accurate planning.

The meetings had to be near land marks such as KICC or a police station and punctuality was everything. 

If, like the Vatican, you deem preaching abstinence the best way to combat HIV and Aids, then you have to grow up.

In all fairness, if some of the pope’s own priests can’t abstain, what’s the wisdom in presuming anyone else will?