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County boss arrested while on drinking spree with GK vehicle

Buuri East deputy county commissioner Peter Jumwa was Tuesday held in police cells for hours, after he was allegedly found driving a government vehicle under the influence of alcohol during daytime at Kiirua town, Meru County.

The senior official was seized by Meru traffic boss Chief Inspector Gideon Lekakeny at around 3pm and released shortly after 8pm and driven to his house with no charges being preferred on him.

A junior police officer well versed with the matter said the issue had been referred to the National Government Coordination department.

“It is true he was arrested and released but the issue is now being handled by the department charged with issues of administration,” she said.

According to a police report seen by the nation, the officer was reportedly on a “drinking spree” while using the government vehicle without the designated driver.


It is alleged that members of the public called Meru County Commissioner Allan Machari who then ordered the arrest.

“The County Commissioner Allan Machari received information of the misconduct of the DCC and that he was driving around the Township in a government vehicle registration number GKB 413 Toyota Land Cruiser caravan while drunk. He will be charged with the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol,” said the police signal.

When Mr Lekakeny arrived at the town, he found the vehicle parked within.

Mr Jumwa was arrested without any resistance while amused members of public watched.

An officer conversant with the matter said the administrator was subjected to alcoblow before being locked up at the police station.

Mr Jumwa confirmed that the arrest had happened but said the issue had been resolved and he was back in office.

“Yeah, it happened yesterday. It is settled. That was a personal issue but it has been resolved,” he said.