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Mercy Myra and Attitude’s beef worsens

Singer Mercy Myra and rapper Attitude marriage woes seem to be worsening by the day. A while back, Attitude had blasted Mery on social media when she claimed she had divorced him, yet there were no divorce papers signed.

Mercy had been quoted by a local newspaper saying so. In a new twist to the saga on Friday, Attitude took to social media to criticize Mercy for claiming that he is not a good father to their 8-year-old daughter. He wrote on Facebook:

“I made the worst decision in my life when I picked my wife…. I’m on trial about whether I’m a good father or not??? Lol!!! R u serious?!?! In all honesty people, I admit, she didn’t marry Obama, I’m far from perfect… But to all of u who think I married Michelle, lol!!!! Just wait for it……. Every beautifully made lawn has dirt under the surface..”

Mercy and Attitude moved to the US as a married couple over 10 years ago. However, when their marriage was on the rocks, Mercy relocated to Kenya last year to relaunch her music career, but she left their 8-year-old daughter in the US with her father. It is not clear if Mercy is still in Kenya or has gone back to the US.