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McDonald’s ‘goddess’ a favourite for male Taiwanese dinners

Taiwanese people are flocking a local McDonald’s not to munch on chicken nuggets, but to snap a photo of a doll-faced employee dubbed the McDonald’s goddess.

Men are arriving in droves to stare at her. The lovely cashier, has been working at the McDonald’s part-time for five years, Shanghailist reported.

She apparently spends the rest of her time taking pictures of herself and posting them online. Plenty of customers are also doing the same for her.

It all started in 2013, when a blogger named RainDog did something fairly creepy. Entranced by the goddess’ beauty staring back at him as he ordered a Big Mac, the man took her picture and posted it on the Internet.

The McDonald’s goddess.
The McDonald’s goddess.


He called her “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history.” And the Internet fell in love. She’s even earned a cute nickname WeiWei or Haitun, which means “dolphin” in Chinese.

Afterward, her smitten fans flocked to her Taipei City McDonald’s to catch a glimpse of the goddess, as if it were a religious pilgrimage.

She also became a bit of a celebrity, appearing on several variety and game shows in Taiwan, Food World News and the Daily Mirror added.

Since WeiWei’s face went viral, business at the local McDonald’s has boomed as people arrive just to peek at the goddess, but the trouble is that no one is really buying anything and the manager isn’t exactly happy about it.