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MCAs threaten Sonko with fresh impeachment motion over war with NMS

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko could be in for more trouble with a section of MCAs now calling for the reintroduction of plan to remove him from office.

The renewed call for a fresh ouster comes at a time when the governor is at loggerheads with the national government and Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) over functions transferred to the Mohammed Badi-led office.

A defiant Governor Sonko has vowed to pull out of the agreement with the national government citing frustrations but the MCAs have other ideas.

A cross section of ward representatives, drawn from both sides of the political divide, have now warned Mr Sonko to toe the line in the implementation of the Deed of Transfer of functions or risk having his shelved impeachment motion revived when the assembly returns from recess.

“We want to tell the President that if the governor continues with his push and pull. He should set us free to do our work in the Assembly,” said Nairobi West MCA Maurice Gari.

Governor Sonko was under pressure of being impeached for the better part of the year until President Uhuru Kenyatta intervened by prevailing on the MCAs to drop their impeachment plans against the governor in late February.

This was after the City Hall boss handed over four critical functions of his administration to the national government.

Former interim Majority Leader and Dandora Area 3 MCA Charles Thuo has warned Governor Sonko to prepare for a tsunami if he keeps on frustrating the implementation of the Deed.

On Wednesday, the Governor that he will not provide critical financial documents needed by the National Treasury saying he has already commenced the process of reversing the transferred functions.

“We are not happy with his (Sonko’s) stand that he wants to go back on the agreement with the President. Let him accept that the functions are now gone but if he continues then we want to tell the Governor that this time it will be it will be worse than his first impeachment call. Let the functions transferred remain with NMS and give them money to carry out the functions,” said the Jubilee MCA.

On his part, former mayor and Baba Dogo MCA Geoffrey Majiwa told off the governor telling him he is the problem as he has not been doing the right things resulting to the current situation at the county.

“It is him who has not been doing things the right way and that is why we have reached where we are now. He needs to tell Nairobi residents what other things that he has signed without knowing. Maybe he has even transferred City Hall’s title deed and we do not know,” said the ODM MCA.

At the same time, a section of MCAs at the assembly are now fearing for their lives saying that they are being threatened for their alleged support for Mr Badi’s administration.

Former interim Majority Whip June Ndegwa said that they do not know who is behind the threats but claimed the target of the threats is former Jubilee leadership who are perceived to be close to Speaker Beatrice Elachi and the newly formed NMS office.

“We are being threatened and tracked even to our houses. There is even a time someone came to my house forcing me to move houses. This is just because we are supporting the NMS and the President,” said Ms Ndegwa.

“We will now go to DCI to report the threats. We have freedom of association and we can meet anyone we want and this should not be interfered with,” she added.