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Mau Mau veterans to get medical cover

Kenyan freedom fighters will soon benefit from a medical scheme will be unveiled by the government to cater for those unable to afford health services.

The scheme will be part of the goodies that the war veterans drawn from the Mau Mau group will receive from the Jubilee government.

This was revealed in a statement posted on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official Facebook page hours after a Tuesday morning meeting with Mau Mau representatives.

“We will also assist any war veteran who is unable to access medical treatment by working on a Medical Scheme that will take care of their needs,” read the statement.

President Uhuru also acknowledged that families of the freedom fighters are languishing in poverty adding that the war veterans deserve to be honoured for the sacrifice they made for the country.


“Later on in the year I will host all Mau Mau War Veterans from all over the country at State House to honour their great sacrifice for the nation,” he said.

During the morning meeting with the representatives of the Mau Mau War Veterans Association, the President called for unity among them.

“It has been really difficult to honour them in the presence of numerous splinter groups but once they unite, my Government will be able to roll out an all-encompassing plan to uplift their welfare. My Government also plans to unveil a monument in their honour towards the end of the year,” he said.

The government further plans to incorporate the veterans into an expanded social protection plan.

The Mau Mau fighters have in the past publicly demanded for compensation from the British government.