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Mastercard, Jumia announce partnership offer on essential goods

Mastercard and Jumia have announced a partnership aimed at encouraging cashless payment on the e-commerce platform when purchasing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The move will see consumers who buy essential products using Mastercard on Jumia receive a discount of up to 10 percent on their order to encourage them to transact safely using to help tame Covid-19.

“We are committed to keep customers safe over this period. Through this campaign Mastercard is offering our customers a strong incentive to use cashless payments, which saves them money and keeps them safe by avoiding cash,” said Jumia Kenya CEO, Sam Chappatte.

The discount offer from Mastercard and Jumia will be made available in five countries; Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

“We are also happy to support our customers by offering them a strong incentive to use cashless payments and providing access to essential products with affordable prices during this challenging time,” said Sami Louali, Jumia EVP Financial Service.

Raghav Prasad, the Mastercard Division President, Sub-Saharan Africa, said consumers in the five nations will to access the promotional offer when checking out while paying for their essential goods.

“Our partnership with Jumia seeks to further encourage Mastercard consumers to stay safe by using available digital payment platforms to purchase their essential items all from the comfort of their own homes in a clean, seamless and convenient experience,” said Prasad.