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Shame! Martha Karua slams Woman Rep in ‘this is not Kismayo’ video

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua has slammed Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru after her bitter exchange with a police officer who remained calm and collected as “great shame.”

Ms Karua was reacting to an amateur video that is making rounds on social media where the woman representative is filmed telling of a police officer who is heard telling her that she was inciting the public.

Ms Waruguru then tells the officer, who is said to be of Somali descent, to stop intimidating people who are doing their own business and further tells him to go and arrest bandits and terrorists.

“Stop intimidating young guys doing their business, are they criminals, get yourself busy doing some meaningful work arrest bandits, criminals,” she is heard telling the officer.

She further says “is this Kismayu that they are here planning how to attack people? It is not.”

The officer later salutes at her and leaves her shouting at him. Ms Waruguru was later arrested.

The Woman Rep was arrested on Friday on allegations of inciting operators of Probox vehicles in the area.