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Manhunt launched for gun toting thugs who robbed shop and shot customer

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have launched a manhunt for two thugs who were captured on CCTV camera pumping bullets into a man at a shop suspected to be in Kasarani.

The CCTV footage shared online by a tweep shows customers in a shop at around 10pm on November 5, 2019.

Then two young men walk into the shop posing as customers.


They stand there for a few seconds before the one standing on the doorway draws a pistol and orders a male customer to back off.

His accomplices seizes the opportunity to get further inside the shop where goes about ransacking the cash box as his gun toting colleague stands guard at the doorway.

When the armed thug watching the door joins his colleague in ransacking the cash box, one male customer pounces on him and begins punching the back of his head.

After a short scuffle with the thug, the customer manages to run out of the shop with the gangsters in hot pursuit while shooting at him.


It is not clear from the video what transpires outside the shop.

But according to the tweep the brave customer was later admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital with 7 gun shot wounds.

“One of the customers is currently at KNH with 7 bullets in his body. This is just sad.,” @ItsMutai.

while responding to the viral video, DCI said they have already commenced investigations into the incident.

“Detectives have already commenced investigations into this matter with the ultimate aim of bringing all those involved to book. Any person with any information about their IDENTITY can contact #DCI Kasarani or DM us,” DCI tweeted.