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Man trailed and shot dead inside a vehicle

A man was shot dead inside a vehicle in the city centre on Friday night over what police suspect is a business deal gone sour.

On Saturday evening, police received calls through the late Mr Famir Mohammed’s phone – which is in their custody from people demanding to be paid their debts.

Nairobi Central police chief Patrick Oduma said that the man was lured to his death by unknown gunmen who phoned and told him to meet them in town.

Mr Mohammed, 40, borrowed a neighbour’s car and drove to the city centre where he first met a female friend.

Questioned suspects

As he was driving along Kigali road next to the Jamia Mosque, he stopped to call the people who wanted to meet him but was immediately confronted by two armed men who shot him on the chest and neck.

He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The female friend, Sharon Mdachi, was on Saturday questioned by the police, as were the owner of the car and the people who took Mr Mohammed the hospital.

On Wednesday night, Mr Mohammed told his family that he was being trailed by a blue Toyota Probox. Detectives were on Saturday analysing the call data.

There has been a surge in armed attacks in the city in the recent past.