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Man run over by truck he was trying to hitch ride on

A man paid the ultimate price for trying to pull a stunt on a moving truck. A video shared by Road Safety and Safe Driving Practises on Twitter captures the man being run over by the same vehicle he was trying to hitch a ride.

The truck was negotiating a corner while pulling a white trailer. A few seconds after it managed to negotiate the bend, two men are seen running after the vehicle.

One of them is successful in his attempt but the other one seems to have lost his grip, falling on the tarmac road and was crushed by the tyres of the trailer.

Members of the public standing by the roadside are heard screaming after the accident.

“Exceptional safety violation and just like that a loved one is not going to come back home. Was it avoidable? Yes very much. If only he had anticipated the danger… Did the benefits outweigh the dangers? Road safety is a message of love,” tweeted Road Safety and Safe Driving Practises.


Kenyans on Twitter were left in shock after watching the video.

“Aiii, guy should not have taken such chance,” said @Muruz.

“My? Is, seems the guy he just runned over they work together coz he was running to board, why didn’t the driver wait rather he just accelerated too quickly,” wrote @Alex_Monyagi.

“Good Lord!!! What the eff is that? This is absolute neglect of reason,” twitted @MurimiMwihaki.

“Never hitch hike for the sake of ur safety,” commented @OGCOLLO.

“Oh noo..That was too gory…May he RIP,” stated @Josholuga.

The act of men hiking lift at the back of moving trucks is not a new thing. In March this year, a man on a wheelchair pulled a similar stunt where he was filmed sitting on a wheelchair with his right hand holding on to the back bumper of a blue truck moving at a moderate speed on a highway.