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‘Man of God’ elopes with senior court official’s wife

A pastor at a local church in Trans-Nzoia county has shocked residents after he eloped with a senior court official’s wife.

Pastor Andrew Masai Ndiema of Bethel Church Ministry in Matisi Corner is reportedly to have eloped with Debrah Miriam Edebi.

The official, who sought for anonymity, said she married his wife, who is the daughter of a former councilor of Busia Municipal, in 2017 under customary law and paid Sh150,000 as dowry.

“I married her when she did not have a job but later she was employed by a Non Governmental Organization,” he said.

He claims that at the NGO, her wife’s duty involved organizing workshops for pastors drawn from the region and beyond and that it is during the course of her work that she met her new lover.

She then started making excuses that led her to move out of their matrimonial home in preference for a rented house at Gatua Estate.


Efforts by the husband to reconcile with his wife proved futile after she gave conditions that he buys her a one acre piece of land, register it in her name and build her at least a four-bedroom permanent house.

“I have so many pieces of land in Trans-Nzoia but she refused to settle in any of them but insisted that I buy a piece of land and build her a house in order for her to come back,” the man explained.

Unwillingly, the husband agreed to his wife’s demands but on condition that they be meeting on a weekly basis at a specific hotel in Kitale town for about 8 months in the hope that he would eventually win her heart back.

At one point, the wife started visiting her husband’s home to spend the night and then returning back to her rental house.

However, the husband came to realized later this month that his wife had been playing him all along.

“One week ago I called my wife to find out where she was. She received the call but I realized she was also conversing with another man on the other end of the line. Then she handed over the phone to the man in order to talk to me,” he narrated.


On Mother’s Day, the pastor posted a message on his Facebook page wishing the man’s wife and the mother-in-law the best of wishes.

The husband carried out his own investigation that led to an exchange of nasty text messages with the pastor.

An OB No.14/05/19 was recorded at Kitale Police Station by the court official following threats from the pastor.

Contacted for comment, the pastor denied ever issuing any threats to the woman’s husband, but at the same time challenged the man to bear up with the situation after losing his wife.

“I have been summoned by the DCIO that I have issued threats. My simple advice is let him accept as a man that his wife is gone,” said Pastor Ndiema.

The woman has also vowed not to go back to her husband, and advised him to reclaim his Sh150,000 from her parents and move on with his life.

“Let him go back to my parents and ask for his money now that my relationship with him is a closed chapter,” she said.