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Man nearly kills his son in attempt to murder his father

A youthful man denied charges of attempting to kill his six-year-old son after injuring him with a metal rod he had aimed at his father.

Ezekiel Kariuki Ngángá was accused of hitting the son with a crowbar on April 7 at his home in Kiwanja shopping centre within Kasarani Sub County. He injured the child on the chin.

Kariuki had threatened to kill his father James Ng’ang’a for denying him money.

He later went to his bedroom and returned with a crowbar then charged at his father.

His wife Agnes Waitherero intervened and grabbed Kariuki before the metal rod landed on his 65-year-old father as he ran to hide at a police post. Unfortunately, the object landed on the couple’s son.

Waitherero was also injured on the left shoulder as she battled her husband to rescue her father-in-law.

Ng’ang’a did not know that his grandson was injured until Waitherero arrived at the police post where he was hiding from his son and reported that Kariuki had inflicted serious injuries on the son.

Kariuki had three days earlier demanded cash by menaces from his father and Ng’ang’a called his sister to counsel his son before he returned three days later.

The suspect denied the charges before Makadara senior principal magistrate Angelo Kithinji.

Kariuki’s father, son and wife are listed as the key witnesses against him.

He will remain in remand until the three testify.