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Man miraculously walks out of freak accident on Ngong Road – PHOTOS

A man survived a freak accident on Ngong road Wednesday afternoon after his car was hit from behind by an overlapping matatu and pushed under a lorry

According to eyewitnesses, traffic on the road was at a standstill when the reckless matatu driver attempted to overlap.

He instead hit the car’s rear and nearly killed the elderly driver.


“While on Ngong road near southern bypass, a matatu overlapping and in serious speed slammed into this car opposite me crashing it to the lorry,” said Christopher Kirwa a renowned media personality.

Mr Kirwa, who was on the opposite lane and saw the accident as it happened, jumped out of his car and helped the elderly man out.

“I got out and opened his door and gently got him out. Thanks to God he was just shaken but not hurt,” he added.


The driver of the car emerged from the mangled wreckage visibly shaken and asked for phone to postpone a scheduled meeting. He later called his family.

Medics from Red Cross arrived at the scene within five minutes as traffic police officers controlled traffic.

The Division Traffic Enforcement Officer (DTEO) at Karen police station Inspector Michael Kihare told Nairobi News that the driver will be charged with careless driving.


He however said he was not at the station at the time, but promised to follow up.

However, a source inside the police station told Nairobi News that the matatu was parked in their yard but there was no arrest made in connection to the incident.